Xbox Series X and PS5 Preorder Scams Are On Full Swing

Xbox Series X and PS5

While the release date of Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 is coming near, the excitement regarding its launch is increasing with every second. Numerous gamers have already pre-ordered their next generation consoles from the official sites. But here come those who have ordered their gaming devices from so called third parties. As a consequence of this chain, many of them had to face lot of troubles as most of them are scammers and those who are genuine are unable to deliver the consoles on time.

The WindowsCentral a famous gaming site has highlighted this issue to prevent the scams from unauthorized dealers. There are the people who are scamming the suspected buyers of Xbox Series X and PS5 on different social media platforms. Some of them have created fake accounts of authentic dealers and encouraging the people to send them their details.

Image: Microsoft

Something like this happened with the UK based video game retailer “Game”. An unauthentic Twitter account namely “Game” is attracting the audience and asking them to send their details. However, the “Game Digital Plc” took the necessary measure on time and warned its followers about this scam. After taking this step from the retailing company, Twitter suspended the scammer’s account to prevent the spread of false information.

WindowsCentral has presented some guidelines to stay away from such kind of scammers. According to the site, one should avoid any suspicious calls, messages or emails. Along with it abstain from giving any kind of personal information especially those which includes your account or credit card details. It is better to order your desired consoles from the authentic and official platform rather than roaming around and let the scammers take away your hard earned money in just a matter of seconds. Do let us know in our comment section if you have observed any such kind of scam in your surroundings.

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1 Comment

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