Twitch Is Providing Affiliate Status In Just $5


Famous live video streaming site Twitch has recently collaborated with Monstercat. Canadian electronic music record label Monstercat is offering its gold membership to all the content creators on twitch in $5 per month. The creators will be getting Twitch affiliate status by subscribing to this service along with other virtues coming along.

However, this thing has been disturbing a lot of other creators who had spent their valuable time in earning the affiliate status. Previously, one had to pass many measures in order to get affiliation. Streamers were required to have 500 minutes total broadcast time, at least 50 followers, streaming on seven different days, and 3 or more concurrent viewers. Then they were ranked as an affiliated participant on twitch.

Now, Monstercat Gold subscription has made the whole procedure a lot easier than before. One can achieve it by just spending some bucks. This might be the reason that already affiliated creators will think about it as partisanship. Consequently, there is a probability that it will affect the content quality on Twitch in future.

Other Benefits

Other than the twitch affiliation, the Gold subscription is offering several other benefits to its consumers. Monstercat is giving access to thousands of songs which one can add in his/her video streaming. Along with it the users can play and download the music of their choice.

In addition to the songs which are already available at several platforms the gold membership holder will have access to pre-release songs from Monstercat music. Apart from the music, Monstercat will provide its consumers with discounts and pre-sale path on Monstercat shops. Last but certainly not the least they will be given access to the discord server and Reddit flair.

A few days back twitch has introduced a new feature Channel Points Prediction. According to which one can cast a vote by using channel points. To gather more information about this latest feature you can check our previous article.

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