Top Xbox Series X/S Accessories And Their Details

xbox series x accessories

Since only one day is left for the final launch of Microsoft’s next generation consoles i.e Xbox Series X and S. With every second passing, the excitement is increasing with thousands of folds. Everyone wants to know as much as possible about what the Xbox Series X and S is bringing to them. To minimize the chaos we are compiling the Xbox Series X and S accessories and their specifications.

However, the official site hasn’t revealed much about the items that will be required to extract the most out of the device, but here we are giving the full out of the available information.

Xbox Wireless Controller

The Xbox wireless controller will be released on the day of the launch of its console. The controller will be there with three mesmerizing colours and sculpted body and fine surfaces.

This time the Microsoft has introduced a Share Button exactly at the center of its controller. The button will help you with sharing your documents and gaming achievements.

xbox series x wireless controller
Image: Xbox

While defining its tech specification, the Microsoft has made it clear the controller will connect to the Xbox Consoles and PC wirelessly. However, a Bluetooth connection will be required, in case of an android.

The new Xbox wireless controller will be compatible with Xbox One, Windows 10 and Android. In addition to it, we can expect its compatibility with iOS in future.

SteelSeries Wireless Headset

SteelSeries Wireless Headset
Image: SteelSeries

This epic headset form SteelSeries will definitely spice up your gaming experience through its 2.4GHz wireless connectivity. It is available with USB-C port with 20 hours of battery life. The headset is compatible with both next generation consoles of Microsoft.

Xbox Rechargeable Battery

Xbox Rechargeable Battery
Image: Xbox

It will be released on the same day of the release of other Xbox Series X and S accessories. This battery is quite different from traditional AAs batteries which we have been using for a long time. Previously, one had to dispose the batteries after their use and eventually it lead to the environmental pollution. But not now, Microsoft has launched its rechargeable battery with USB-C port.

It takes only about 4 hours for recharging and to our utter surprise it can be recharged even the console is on standby.

1TB Seagate Storage Card

Seagate Storage Expansion Card For Xbox Series X
Image: Seagate

When it comes to storage, every device needs some expansion. Although, both the Xbox Series X/S have lot of memory to store games. But obviously, it is not an infinite one so, in order to overcome the issue the Seagate has introduced a Storage Card of approx. 1TB.

Seagate is offering 1TB option for now, but different sizes will be available in future. It is the only officially supported storage expansion accessory, which means faster load times as the game were loading off of the Xbox Series X’s internal storage.

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