These Trending Cars Are Coming In 2021!

These Trending Cars are Coming in 2021!

These Trending cars are never actually complete I think it’s a pretty universally true statement to say that our project as we get older, expand our interest and learn more about our trending cars and the lifestyle that comes along with it. We, as enthusiasts, are constantly changing and that’s directly reflected into our trending cars And with all that change in our taste comes a worldwide change in trends as well. We’Ve recently talked about trends that died in 2020. If you haven’t seen that make sure to go check that out, But now we’re going to try and predict the future. So let’s go over some trends that we’ve seen come back from the dead. What we’re seeing pick up, speed in the show scene and what kind of trending cars people are buying and sprinkle in a few other, more controversial modifications that I think may get some more traction moving through the new year.

Wow, Well, that’s pretty neat, But before we get started, I’ve got to remind you guys to subscribe. If you haven’t already, because we upload new videos literally every single day and you’re not going to be the first to know about them. If you’re not getting notifications And as always, don’t forget to head over to for all of your wheel, tire and suspension needs Oh and we’re giving away a set of Konig wheels, Simply click. The little card do hickey that just appeared on the top right of your screen and pick up some of our awesome. Coning apparel You’ve got a three 70 Z on the back doing some big smoky skids in Mexico. To let everyone around you know that you’re, a car enthusiast.

You’Ve also got this sick crosswind shield on the front and every $ 5 that you spend, gets you one entry to win. So these make the perfect holiday gift because the more you buy for your friends, the more likely you are to win a set of Konig wheels And make sure to stick around for the last one on this list, because you’re not going to believe what the hell It is So, first and foremost, one of the biggest trends I’m seeing throughout the car scene in general is the purchase of newer trending cars Around seven to 10 years ago. Car manufacturers as a whole were increasingly competing to one up each other with quality and power standards. In order to not be out dumped by their competition, You started seeing drastically rising power in torque numbers. Domestic and Japanese brands known for their (beep) interior, started to rival that of the best of German manufacturers.

trending cars

Transmission technology from high-end sport and exotic trending cars came to entry-level sedans and brands like KIA, with the reputation for being the quintessential rent to own no credit check pieces of (beep), transforming to the reputable brand with luxury features, turbocharged engine options and how they even Made a 300 horsepower minivan and the fricking KIA stinger, aimed at taking down BMW’s six cylinder three series and Audi’s S4 Anyway. The trending cars that paved the way for these new trends are now well depreciated and pretty affordable. You can get into a Hellcat for $ 35,000. 400 horsepower Mustangs for $ 12,000 Supercharged 330 horsepower. Audi S4 is $ 10,000 and the list goes on and on

So, whereas, even just five years ago, the average age of a show car was closer to 15 years old, a two to 300 horsepower with things like your late nineties and early two thousands tuner trending cars Mark Ford, Volkswagen’s, SRT, fours and Mustangs were very popular choices. But now you’re, seeing that age gap decrease in a lot of trending cars. That shows are only five to 10 years old, because these trending cars present an enormous amount of value when it comes to that modern horsepower, technology, reliability and honestly, comfort With that came the rise in horsepower, I mean hell. I remember when 300 wheel horsepower was a pretty fast car and it took a few thousand dollars to make that happen reliably. But now you can just go, buy an old seven-year-old anything for pennies on the dollar and have that power level from the factory, And I think you’re going to continually see that age gap close until we see another economic collapse. The next one is going to reluctantly go to arrow disks.

I thought these were going to take off when they first came out, but they never actually showed up in the real world. A whole lot – And I think, a big factor with that is the fact that they were pretty limited in styles and what model wheels that they would even work with. But as time goes on, road workers, releasing more and more wheels with their threaded hex center cap. Meaning more models to strip these arrow disks to So I’m sticking to it The more wheels we can get these arrow disks on. I think that the more people are going to start utilizing them Because they’re so versatile, fun and even affordable. Its such an easy way to spice up to look at your ride and change what your wheels look like or show how ridiculous your fitment is or even further express yourself with your own custom designs on them. Whats not to love about these things? Its me I’m not to love about these things. The other thing I keep seeing pop up every now and again that gets a lot of attention is the half wrapped trending cars where one side is one color and the other side is usually a contracting or a posing color. Usually black and another color like white

Now, unless executed properly, it can look a little bit goofy, but when executed properly good God is it great looking? It even allows the owner to follow two different themes with the car, whether that’s different color wheels on either side or even different wheels entirely. So you can really take your creativity to that next level, without theoretically, going so overboard that you lose the interest of everybody else, And because of this I can really see this look taking over Instagram and car shows in the coming months. As people start their new builds, It might be just crazy enough to work my PPS on fire

Something else I’ve seen a huge upswing. In’ is 3D printed parts. Now you might be thinking to yourself damn what the hell’ are. People 3D printing for their trending cars And you’d be pretty surprised. How much stuff actually is 3D printed for your trending cars. Everything from printed hood and fender vents, some under-hood components and tons of interior stuff 3D printing is becoming increasingly more affordable, more DIYable and inevitably more popular P.. It offers a ton of solutions to a plethora of issues when it comes to modifying your car. One thing I see a lot is actually to create a space for mounting airWatch controllers in a factory cubby, in that same genre, a place to Mount a retrofitted iPad for in-car entertainment From there. You can implement 3D printed venting into defenders and hoods and other under-hood pieces like custom engraved in colored caps.

The COTA actually a super neat washer fluid cap on his focus. St. The factory wants this bright ass blue cap in an engine: that’s black in carbon fiber, So he got this super clean. Looking black cap with a white ST logo in it’s absolutely perfect, There’s a ton of other random custom branded things You can get to spice up your right as well And on the higher end of things. There’re printing, crazy carbon intake, manifolds and even bracketry and various other actually useful parts, not just for cosmetics From there. People are actually printing full on accessories for the trending cars as well as little replica wheels to match theirs and then hang them on their mirror or even put them on little dot, cast versions of their own car.

This is super cool stuff, And it’s only going to get bigger at this rate, keep an eye out at the next car show you go to, And what in the actual mother (bleep) is going on with carbon fiber. First, it was all the rage and then it was gone, And now it seems like it’s back in full swing, or at least it’s damn near

But it’s kind of being hidden People are being little sneaks about it and trying to suppress their inner Reiser crispies sexy ass legacy wagon has a painted carbon fiber hood, where the paint ever so slightly fades out at the cowl to expose his weaves. I saw a few different guys with carbon fiber fenders that were 99 % painted at a slam, that of Gatlinburg, And you don’t really set me off at a slant enough: Gatlinburg, the frigging two fully carbon fiber body and R33 and R34 skylines. Who seriously does that? And even just running around Appleton here, there’s a full carbon fiber body NSX How even on “Branded Title CO” rip. We installed carbon fiber fenders on Sean’s, Lamborghini Huracan and painted everything, but the exposed carbon fiber vents. Its almost like carbon fiber, never actually even went away. We just got scared to talk about it, but now we’re a little more comfortable with it. I don’t entirely know what happened, but I’ve seen so much (beep) carbon fiber this year. That I’d have to imagine these high end. Build qualities, are going to trickle down into more builds and be a huge trend for 2021

This next one contradicts the first one a little bit but hear me out early 2000’s trending cars, whose popularity plummeted after 2008 are becoming ironic cool. I mean hell. I’Ve even seen her spring up here in this very building. Dakota went and bought two Mark four Volkswagens in a model of 20, the GTI and a 2003 Jetta GLI gels went and got a super clean, Mazda RX eight, Even my frigging girlfriend went and got a 2001 Audi S four, and then I went and got a 2003 Mustang The trending cars are just so easy to find nice examples that sparks a ton of joy for not a whole lot of money. Sure the performance for the most part is lackluster. The interior quality is questionable, but the amount of joy that comes from the driving experience of these trending cars is unmatched for the dollar. Besides they’re kind of old enough, now that the quality issues are seen as kind of part of their generation and less of a compromise. Anyway, I’ve seen this all over the place from right here at the workplace to little groups gathering of iconic nostalgic trending cars.

Now it’s less of a show car trend, but it’s absolutely on the upswing right now And I’m not trying to be that guy. But the last time we saw this upswing was nineties trending cars and now they’re rising in value. So I’m not saying go snatch up the good ones while they’re cheap but go snatch up the good ones while they’re cheap Now importing trending cars is obviously an extremely popular topic right now. But you know what I think: it’s going to become even more popular As more and more companies that import trending cars pop up the more trending cars that come in With more trending cars being imported … With more trending cars being imported …, (, Sean chuckles, ), (, beep). With more trending cars being imported comes more education around it And so the wall of difficulty in uncertainty around importing trending cars is coming down.

I really think this is just going to drive up demand, even more, which kind of goes back to what we talked about just a second ago And that’s the increasing demand for ironic cool trending cars. So tell me: what’s more ironic, cool than anything imported I mean how just the other week I was actually looking at what was available and what the pricing would be on a Toyota cavalier. Now, if you don’t know what a Toyota cavalier is, it’s quite literally just a Chevrolet cavalier with a few tweaks for the JDM market.

Essentially, all export Cavaliers got the Z24 2.4-liter dual overhead cam engine super neat taillights to meet JDM regulations and get this wider front. Fenders And, of course, right hand drive. If you were ever into J bodies, these things are actually pretty aggressive. It can be had for dirt, cheap and they’re, so (beep) neat Anyway. It’S trending cars like this that are kind of considered normal, that you can get cheap, that is ironic, cool that are going to be extremely popular as importation becomes less scary. Yes, I just talked about Cavaliers on a 600,000 subscribers YouTube channel,

Last on the list is one of the ones I’ve seen explode into popularity. Lately is colored Chrome, (, beep, ) window tint. I swear to God. I’Ve seen it a few times this year and when it’s done right, I’m a little embarrassed to say it looks really really good And it’s just starting to trickle into social media and gets a lot of good responses. (clears throat) I’ve even brought it up to a few people here and there, telling me that it’s part of their plans moving into the next year is to get some color mash or contrast in colored tint on their vehicles. It’S a super odd thing to see come back, but I’m super surprised how well it’s actually working on some applications, It’s time for the outro bud And those are my predictions of what’s going to be trending upward in 2021.

So let me know in the comments what trends you guys see that are up and coming. I hope you guys enjoyed the video and don’t forget to smash that subscribe button to stay notified, cause we upload every single day and you’re not going to want to miss any of the fun or the giveaways And has always had on to For all of your wheel, tire and suspension needs I’m Sean Shamita F on Instagram. Thank you so much for watching peace..

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