Stadia Games and Entertainment Looking To Launch More Games in 2023

Stadia Games and Entertainment

A Developing gaming service Google Stadia has been putting its best efforts to meet the criteria of today’s gaming for a long time. The Cloud Gaming launched it back in late 2019 and since that time audience has been anticipating for stadia’s own gaming library. Now, it seems like the dream will come true though it would take sometime but still there is hope.

This year MEGAMIGS virtual Conference held on 12 and 13th of November. The Google Canada uploaded some insights of meeting in which after a brief introduction of Google Stadia, Yannick Simard the Technical Director defined their span of the whole year and the tech that Stadia is using for its device.

The introduction delivered by the Portfolio Director of Stadia Games and Entertainment, Julien Cunny. In the respective video, the organization expressed its desire for working with RGPs in future for 2023 and beyond. Cunny declares that the franchise is making games but there is nothing to announce yet.

While moving forward in the video Mr. Director gave a hint that we can expect the company to grow more as a publisher in future. As they are looking forward to making more games and that too in all genres and all kind of budgets i.e from $1M to $100M.

Another amazing part of this whole scenario is the organization is looking for game developers. Yes, if you are a game developer you can contact them and have your game on board.

Till this date, the franchise has released its two games in the market Gylt and Orcs Must Die 3. Soon they are planning to release more games which are Outcasters, Splash Games and Uppercut. Each one of them is coming from the finest gaming hand of industry. So, as per the conference, we can expect more second party games from Stadia Games and Entertainment.

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1 Comment

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