Special Offer Get TiVo Stream 4K Android TV Dongle For Only $28


Amazon has the tivo Stream 4K Android TV dongle on a special price for exactly $27.88 today. That’s down from its original price of $50. Which is a really great price, and compiles it the cheapest Android TV dongle that is currently available.

With the tivo Stream 4K, you can eliminate app-switching and find your favorite movies and establishes, live or streaming, with a single inquiry. Find tons of movies and demonstrates in a clink with tivo Stream 4K’ s recommendations. Live athletics and news alongside streaming evidences and movies.




Stop searching and start see. With live TV from Sling, integrated search, and spot-on recommendations across favorite apps, tivo Stream 4K intends less scrolling and more watching.

The buttons on this bulbous, heavy remote are impractically laid down by. In the top half is a circular navigation button surrounded by volume and path rockers, a tone hunting button and a few others.

In the center of the remote is another circular button to control playback of whatever you’re watching: represent, pause, fast forward and alter. The posterior of the remote has a number pad as well as buttons for hop-skip commercials and opening Netflix. At the terribly top of the remote control is a tivo button; press this and the tivo‘s home screen appears. Along the centre of the screen is a ribbon with My Shows, What to Watch, Search and Apps. Below this are four thumbnails for programs that are currently airing.



Choose My Shows, and you can see TV programs and movies you’re watching or have recorded. You can sort these by Tv streaks, Movies, Sports, Kids and Suggestions. Unlike Amazon’s interface, which throws streaming services first, tivo lets you see what’s airing on your local paths by means of a single button press. That could appeal to those who would rather watch the neighbourhood bulletin before bingeing Netflix. tivo gives you a variety of options for recording a program, whether it’s a single occurrence, an part season, upcoming episodes, new occurrences, simply reruns and more.

You can also specify if tivo should start recording before or after the scheduled time, which is helpful when you’re recording sports. By comparing, the Recast merely gives you the options of recording a single chapter or an entire series. Between Roku, Amazon and others, utter rummage has become an essential component of any streaming device.


tivo‘s works well — you can search by entitlement, category, actor and character; it accurately performed my expression and pulled up whatever it was I expected. What’s more, it will examine across all your linked streaming services — if the movie is available on more than one busines, you can pick the one you miss — and will display ratings for that program.

If you get tired of watching regional canals, you can connect 21 streaming apps to tivo. That’s a good excerpt. tivo has made a very good DVR box for line cutters, gratified towards those who want to watch and record over-the-air programs.


It’s easy to sought for platforms, and tivo‘s system volunteers a tremendous number of options for recording shows you want to watch. Kindly identify the description for this Amazon product link.

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