RX250 Bundle Gaming Pack Keyboard Mouse & Headset for PS5, Xbox, PC and Stadia


Hey Guys, welcome back to the channel today we are going to be taking a look at our brand new colourway for the RX250 Siberia For those who don’t know the RX250 was our first entry into the PC gaming space and we wanted to create a pack that had everything you needed if you were just getting started or if you’re gaming on a budget. Well, I’m glad to say that you guys loved the pack and made it one of the best selling orzly products ever. but one request we keep getting is more colours so you guys can match your set-ups even more so today we are dropping Siberia. Let’s get into it. The 4 in 1 Pack comes with a mouse, keyboard, headphones and mousepad.

The RX250-K is a full size wired keyboard. It’s a plastic body with 104 keys with a switch rating of 8 million presses. The keys are membrane which means they are quiet, easy to maintain and quite versatile. This is perfect for working from home or even in the office and you need to be considerate of others around you.






Another great thing about this keyboard is you can switch from work to play at the press of a button.

It features a multi-coloured LED backlighting with different modes and brightness settings that you can control directly from the keyboard. A level of customisation that lets you make this keyboard all your own. The built-in 19-Key rollover support prevents ghosting and makes sure every keystroke is registered. Here is how it sounds. Ergonomic design choices like the adjustable feet provide you with improved wrist support.

The base has drainage ports that allow liquids to pour out quickly and potentially save your keyboard from accidental spills. The RX250-M is a two-button mouse with an ambidextrous design. It’s lightweight at only 70g making it great for competitive shooters. The flared base with ridges gives your thumb a comfortable resting place and increases the surface area for better grip.



The upper shell is shaped to provide support to the hand no matter your grip type.

It has variable DPI controlled by the switch on the mouse and a scroll wheel that is tactile and responsive. It features a rotating colour spectrum that shines brightly through the HexTech design. The gamepad gives you a smooth and stable glide and enhances your mouse’s response thanks to the high-density cloth structure. The anti-skid rubber base is the platform you need to launch your attacks. RX250-H 200g The RX250-H are a pair of closed over-ear headphones.

At only 200g they are lightweight making them perfect for long play sessions.




The ear cups are soft to the touch. They have a comfortable over-ear design. The clamping force creates a seal that minimises sound leakage and helps you get in the game. The headband is fully adjustable to suit different head sizes.

The stereo speakers deliver great sound from the 40mm drivers with crisp audio that builds a soundscape that makes it easy for you to immerse yourself in your game. The built-in mic is crystal clear letting you give callouts to your teammates with ease. When you don’t need it the mic folds away out of your line of sight. The Orzly PC gaming essential Pack is compatible with most Operating systems with nothing to install just plug-in and you’re good to go. It’s natively compatible with PlayStation and Xbox families of consoles and looks great next to your PS5 or an Xbox Series S.



You can have that same great accuracy and feel when you game on your console. And if this white set doesn’t fully match your setup the RX-250 also comes in pink and black. If you’re an entry-level pc gamer, building on a budget or just want to liven up your work set-up, this is the pack for you! Also if you have a colour that you would like, why not let us know by dropping a comment below! You never know it could be the next one we release!

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You can get your RX-250 Bundle in this link HERE


As always thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one!.

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