PS5: Top 5 Most Anticipated Games

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As the release date of PlayStation 5 is just around the corner excitement regarding its upcoming games is increasing day by day. The Sony has listed in its blog post that almost 99% of its PlayStation 4’s games are available for new generation console and that too with major improvements. For your ease, Gamezbook is mentioning the best PS5 games that are going to be there with or soon after its launch.

Astro’s Playroom

Our first game for the new generation console of Sony is none other than its preloaded game, Astro’s Playroom. The Astro Bot: Rescue Mission’s inheritor will be free for all the consoles. The game is supported by Haptic feedback so that one can “feel the world” as the Sony is providing it in 4 different formats. It is embedded with 3D technology to improve your experience of gaming.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 being one of the most anticipated game is part of our list. The game announced back in 2012 now it has been scheduled to release in December. Since the reason for its postponement is improving its quality for all the gaming devices, the audience is looking forward for something up to the mark of CD Projekt Red.

The game is roaming around one element that is ‘immortality’ which is the target of every player to live an eternal life. Player, Mercenary Outlaw will be equipped with all the Cyberpunks gadgets to build its kingdom in the ‘Night City’.


Epic Games’ Fortnite is another action-adventure based game of our list. Its every season has its own charm and different genre. Whether it is Fortnite Creative or an action-adventure based Save The World each one of them has a common purpose and that is survival. The game is currently available for pre-order in reasonable pricing. It’ll be here for the audience with in a week after the release of PlayStation 5.


Returnal from housemarque will be available on PS5 however, the release date is yet to announce. Selene, the main protagonist, will fight against the aliens in a strange shape moulding planet. The official site of PlayStation described its three main features that are Intense Combat, Thrilling Exposure and Haunting Narrative.

In Intense Combat, the Selene will fight with its enemies while fully loaded with an arsenal of weapons. According to thrilling exploration, the player must have to be careful because as soon as he dies, he’ll lose all his armoury, but there is a chance to upgrade yourself while using alien tech. Collecting the information regarding the past of Selene and relating it with the planet is the key element of Haunting Narrative.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Call Of Duty being the highly remarkable game has its own fandom in the gaming world. The game is available for pre-order and it will cost you around $64.99 to $89.99. For our utter surprise, it will be here soon after the release of PlayStation 5. While being an elite commander of the player will have to stand against the conspiracies and superpower.

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