PS5 Controller: All You Need To Know

ps5 controller

Sony’s Next generation console, PlayStation 5 is one of the most hyped gaming devices. There are many reasons behind its success. From its advanced console to the controller everything has played its part so well to give it a new height of success. While talking about its DualSense controller one can imagine the beauty Sony is providing to its consumers. But there is more than just superficial furnishing the PS5 is carrying in its DualSense controller.

A famous YouTuber TronicsFix has played his part in exploring the PS5 controller and gave us some insights of it. The controller is equipped with an astounding DualSense which is of 1,500 mAh battery whereas PS4 DualShock 4 controller has 1,000 mAh battery. The PlayStation 5 is bringing the more advanced controller as compare to the previous versions of controller.

Another famous Youtuber Marques Brownlee gave a detailed insight of PS5 controller. According to him, PS5 controller is a major key step towards the future of gaming.

Adaptive Triggers

PlayStation 5 controller is equipped with quite impressive adaptive triggers to give you some real vibes of the war zone. It will have high powered springs and vibratory machine which will give you some epic feelings while shooting from your weapons.

PS5 Controller
Image: Sony

The vibrator will work differently on different weapons according to their size and their current state. For instance, if the player won’t be able to fire, the buttons will automatically seize giving the actual reflex.

Haptic Feedback

The controller has an amazing Haptic Feedback mechanism which is compatible with its numerous games. For this, you can check our previous article for the best PS5 games.

Through the Haptic Feedback, one can have a sensation of surfaces. Whether it is slippery as ice or rough as land, the player will eventually sense them by the help of a controller. This latest technology would support an astounding phenomenon of 3D touch so that one can fully drive in the adventure.


The price of new PS5 controller would be $69.99 in the United States, €69.99 in Europe, and £59.99 in the UK.

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