PS5 and Xbox Series X: All the games are listed here

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Both the next generation consoles are about to hit the market within a week and every one of us can sense the excitement prevailing in each individual regarding them. Both the consoles whether it is PS5 or Xbox Series X are among the most trending topics nowadays. The gaming devices are definitely on every gamer’s nerves nowadays and no doubt they have earned this fame through their astounding features and latest technology.

Theme and Genre Of Games

Both of them have a huge collection of the world’s best games and to run them they are offering every possible medium to their consumers. Whether it is Supernatural Ori And The Will Of The Wisps or Lavish and Royal themed Yes, Your Grace these devices have games for almost every age group. While talking about the genre, they haven’t left anyone of it. Meanwhile from First Person Shooter (Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War) to Relaxing and Soothing (Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2) almost every genre will be there.

Availability Of Games

A major flip in the case is that few games are available only on a single platform. Maybe this availability will create an environment of competition between the devices and will help the audience to decide the winner. Well as mentioned above there are only a few games which are using a single platform. For instance, our most beloved Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Is not a part of Sony’s PlayStation 5. However, it will be there to entertain the Xbox Series X/S audience.

Similar to the Ori And The Will Of The Wisps, Yes, Your Grace, Sea Of Thieves, Bright Memory 1.0 would be only available on Xbox. Likely to the above-mentioned criteria Astro’s Playroom, Demon’s Souls (Remake) would be there only on PlayStation 5.

Both the devices are providing the latest technology while keeping in mind the features of their games. Each one has an excellent processor, impeccable storage, mesmerizing video resolution and drastically outstanding audio. All these features will definitely spike up your interest in gaming.

Here we are presenting you the table of all the available games on these two devices. The list has been made according to availability of games on launching date. Thanks to TheVerge, who has put such efforts in gathering this information.


GameXbox Series or PS5?Cross-gen upgrade?Other platforms?PC?
ARK: Survival EvolvedOptimized for Xbox SeriesFreePS4, XB1, Switch, Android, iOSYes
Assassin’s Creed ValhallaBothFreePS4, XB1, StadiaYes
Astro’s PlayroomPS5 onlyNo, PS5 exclusiveNo, PS5 exclusiveNo
BugsnaxPS5 onlyFreePS4Yes
Borderlands 3BothFreePS4, XB1, StadiaYes
Bright Memory 1.0Xbox onlyNo, Xbox exclusiveNoYes
Cuisine RoyaleBothFree to play; no upgrade neededPS4, XB1Yes
Demon’s Souls (remake)PS5 onlyNo, PS5 exclusiveOriginally on PS3No
Devil May Cry 5: Special EditionBothNo upgrade pathNoNo
DIRT 5BothFreePS4, XB1Yes
EnlistedXbox onlyYes, price TBDXB1Yes
EvergateXbox onlyYes, price TBDPS4, XB1, SwitchYes
The FalconeerXbox onlyFreeXB1Yes
FortniteBothFree to play; no upgrade neededPS4, XB1, Switch, iOSYes
Forza Horizon 4Xbox onlyFreeXB1Yes
Gears 5Xbox onlyFreeXB1Yes
Gears TacticsXbox onlyFreeXB1Yes
GodfallPS5 onlyNo, PS5 exclusiveNo, PS5 exclusiveYes
GroundedXbox onlyFreeXB1Yes
King OddballOptimized for Xbox SeriesTBDPS4, XB1, AndroidYes
ManeaterBothFreePS4, XB1, SwitchYes
Manifold GardenXbox onlyFreePS4, XB1, Switch, iOSYes
Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles MoralesPS5 onlyFreePS4No
Marvel’s Spider-Man RemasteredPS5 onlyNo, PS5 exclusiveNo, PS5 exclusiveNo
NBA 2K21BothOnly with $99.99 Mamba EditionPS4, XB1, Switch, StadiaYes
No Man’s SkyBothFreePS4, XB1Yes
Observer: System ReduxBothNo upgrade pathPS4, XB1, SwitchYes
Ori and the Will of the WispsXbox onlyFreeXB1, SwitchYes
Overcooked: All You Can EatPS5; Xbox coming laterNo announced upgrade pathXB1 (coming later)No
Planet CoasterBothFreePS4, XB1Yes
Sackboy: A Big AdventurePS5 onlyFreePS4No
Sea of ThievesXbox onlyFreeXB1Yes
Tetris Effect: ConnectedXbox; PS5 coming 2021FreeOriginally on PS4, OculusYes
The PathlessPS5 onlyFreePS4, Apple ArcadeYes
The TourystXbox onlyFreeXB1, SwitchYes
War ThunderXbox onlyFreePS4, XB1Yes
Warhammer: Chaosbane Slayer EditionBothNo announced upgrade pathNo, next-gen exclusiveYes
Watch Dogs: LegionBoth; PS5 discs launch Nov. 24FreePS4, XB1, StadiaYes
WRC 9 FIA World Rally ChampionshipBothFreePS4, XB1, SwitchYes
Yakuza: Like a DragonXbox; PS5 coming March 2FreePS4, XB1Yes
Yes, Your GraceXbox onlyFreeXB1, SwitchYes


GameRelease DateXbox Series or PS5?Cross-gen?PC?
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War11/13/2020BothYes, $10 upgradeYes
Halo: The Master Chief Collection11/17/2020Xbox onlyYes, free upgradeYes
Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Edition11/17/2020BothYes, free upgradeYes
Poker Club11/19/2020BothYesYes
Just Dance 202111/24/2020BothYesYes
Immortals Fenyx Rising12/03/2020BothYesYes
FIFA 2112/4/2020BothYes, free upgradeYes
Madden NFL 2112/4/2020BothYesYes
Destiny 2: Beyond Light12/8/2020BothYes, free upgradeYes
Puyo Puyo Tetris 212/8/2020BothYesYes
Temtem12/8/2020PS5 first; Xbox and PC in 2021YesYes
Cyberpunk 207712/10/2020BothYes, free upgradeYes
The Medium12/10/2020Xbox onlyYesYes
Worms RumbleDecember 2020PS5 onlyYesYes
12 Minutes2020Xbox onlyYesYes
Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead2020BothYesYes
Call of the Sea2020Xbox onlyYesYes
Control: Ultimate Edition2020BothYes, upgrade only with Ultimate EditionYes
CrossfireX2020Xbox onlyYes, free upgradeYes
Dead by Daylight2020BothYes, free upgradeYes
For Honor2020BothYes, free upgradeYes
Mørkredd2020Xbox onlyYesYes
Sable2020Xbox onlyYesYes
Samurai Spirits (aka Samurai Shodown)2020Xbox onlyYesYes
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege2020BothYes, free upgradeYes
Warframe2020BothYes, free-to-playYes
Ratchet & Clank: Rift ApartPS5 “launch window”PS5 onlyNo, PS5 exclusiveNo
Hitman 301/20/2021BothFree upgrade from digitalYes
Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood02/04/2021BothYesYes
Little Nightmares 202/11/2021BothYesYes
Riders Republic02/25/2021BothYesYes
Destruction AllStarsFebruary 2021PS5 onlyNo, PS5 exclusiveNo
Balan Wonderworld03/26/2021BothYesYes
Braid: Anniversary Edition2021BothYesYes
Bright Memory Infinite2021Xbox onlyNo, Xbox exclusiveYes
CYGNI: All Guns Blazing2021BothYesYes
Chivalry 22021BothYesYes
Cris Tales2021BothYesYes
Deathloop2021PS5 onlyNo, PS5 exclusiveYes
Doom Eternal2021BothYes, free upgradeYes
Echo Generation2021Xbox onlyYesYes
Exomecha2021Xbox onlyYesYes
Far Cry 62021BothYesYes
Ghostwire: Tokyo2021PS5 onlyTBDYes
God of War: Ragnarok2021PS5 onlyTBDTBD
Goodbye Volcano High2021PS5 onlyYesYes
Gotham Knights2021BothYesYes
Grand Theft Auto V2021BothYesYes
Guilty Gear Strive2021PS5 onlyYesYes
Halo Infinite2021Xbox onlyYesYes
Heavenly Bodies2021PS5 onlyYesYes
Hello Neighbor 22021Xbox onlyYesYes
Hogwarts Legacy2021BothYesYes
Horizon Forbidden West2021PS5 onlyYesTBD
Hood: Outlaws and Legends2021BothYesYes
Kena: Bridge of Spirits2021PS5 onlyYesYes
Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga2021BothYesYes
Marvel’s Avengers2021BothYes, free upgradeYes
Psychonauts 22021Xbox onlyYesYes
Resident Evil Village2021BothYesYes
Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II2021Xbox onlyTBDYes
Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One2021BothYesYes
Solar Ash2021PS5 onlyYesYes
Stray2021PS5 onlyYesYes
Subnautica / Subnautica: Below Zero2021BothYes, free upgradeYes
The Ascent2021Xbox onlyYes, free upgradeYes
The Elder Scrolls Online2021BothYesYes
The Gunk2021BothYesYes
The Lord of the Rings: Gollum2021Xbox onlyYesYes
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt2021BothYes, free upgradeYes
Tribes of Midgard2021PS5 onlyYesYes
Unlimited Fishing Simulator 22021BothYesYes
Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 22021BothYesYes
Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong2021BothYesYes
War Mongrels2021BothYesYes
Warhammer 40,000: Darktide2021Xbox onlyTBDYes
Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League2022BothTBDYes

For more updates keep following Gamezbook and have a hand to hand information about the next generation consoles. Do let us know about your views in our comment section.

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