Nintendo Switch: The Best Selling Console in the US

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch being the all-rounder has successfully ranked as the Best Selling Console of 2020. Back in October 2020 the franchise put its consoles on sale and to utter surprise it went really good.

For more detailing, we would like to tell you that the Nintendo Switch sold approximately 735,000 units (including the standard and lite models) in the month of October. Well prior to this one, the company had already marked its best selling in October 2008 when company successfully sold more than 807,000 Wii units. So, technically this October is the 2nd best October in the history of Nintendo Switch.

As per the source, this month is the 23th top selling month in the row for the switch. According to the Techcrunch, Nintendo had mentioned that it has sold out 63 million units worldwide till this date. And 2020 has been practically very strong for the company, despite pandemic situation. Two major causes for this much sale are stay-at-home orders and a very famous title like Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Recently, the Nintendo Switch had put its lot of top-notched games on sale. The sale started on 5th of November. Soon it will mark its end on 18th November i.e tomorrow. It holds numerous titles from almost every genre.

Not only this Nintendo Switch is offering them in such reasonable pricing. Most of the games are below $15 and even some of them are less than $7 such as Brawl Chess and Fall Gummies are of $6.99 and $5.59 respectively. From Dragon Ball Fighterz to Tales of Vesperia™: Definitive Edition one can find almost every game there.

Well, achievements are not a thing that you can achieve overnight. Surely, the authorities behind the service has put lot of hard work to superseded it over many other top notched products of this year such as Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Sony’s PlayStation 5. As they have just launched and their marketing was going on for a long time. So, obviously many of us were expecting the next generation consoles to be on top of the list. Still, there are many laps a way forward so stay tune with Gamezbook for more timely updates.

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