Minecraft Things you Might not Know About the 1.17 Update

Minecraft is a fun game to play wether its with friends or family and the updates make the game more fun. Thats why I will give you a list of things you might now know about the new Minecraft 1.17 update. Here is a list of new items in the 1.17 update.

Amethyst Shard. Drops from amethyst clusters inside amethyst geodes. You can find them in deep caves. Use amethyst to make a spyglass or tinted glass.

Bucket of Axolotl. Use a normal bucket to capture an axolotl (a new mob introduced in Minecraft 1.17) to get a Bucket of Axolotl.

Bundle. A storage item which can be filled with up to 64 different items. Can be crafted with string and rabbit hide.

Copper Ingot. Gained by smelting copper ore. Four copper ingots make one block of copper. It can also be used to make a spyglass or lightning rod.

Glow Berries. This new glowing fruit type grows on cave vines. Can be eaten (2 hunger points) and farmed (using bone meal).

Glow Ink Sac. Dropped from glow squids. A glowing ink sac can be used to craft a glowing item frame or glowing sign.

Glow Item Frame. Just like a normal item frame, but glowing. Craft the frame together with a glow ink sac to get it. Both the frame and any item placed inside will glow.

Glowing Sign. Use a glow ink sac to light up the letters on the sign.

Lightning rod. Can be crafted using copper ingots. This item can be placed to redirect lightning strikes within a 32-block radius. 

Powder Snow Bucket. Use an empty bucket on a powder snow block (also added in Minecraft 1.17). 

Raw Copper. Mined from copper ore (pickaxe must be at least stone quality). Smelt it to create copper ingots.

Raw Gold. Dropped from gold ore when mined with an iron pickaxe or higher quality. Can be smelted to create iron ingots.

Raw Iron. Mined with at least stone quality pickaxe. Dropped from iron ore and can be smelted to create iron ingots. 

Spawn Eggs. Minecraft 1.17 adds spawn eggs for every new mob. That means there’s a new axolotl spawn egg, a goat spawn egg, and a glow squid spawn egg. 

Spyglass. As you might expect, this can be used to scan the landscape by zooming in. It can be crafted with amethyst shards and copper ingots.

And now here I give you new tips and tricks for the 1.17 update.

  • Diamonds no longer spawn at y level -12 they now spawn at y lvl -59
  • the Deepslate block is instamined bye netherite and diamond mines it a tiny bit slower
  • infinite lava (No Really) here’s a link to video teaching you how to make it (starts at 1:10) and those were my three tips thank you for reading this and I will see you later goodbye.

Here is a link to another article

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