Fortnite updates things You Might Not Know About season 7

Fortnite updates things

Fortnite updates are here to play with friends (maybe even family) and all but do you feel like you aren’t too good? Well I`m here to fix that. With here I have a few tips on the latest season of the time im writing this.

New Fortnite (season 7) updates Things ( and how to use them) Now lets begin

● UFO [lets you fly around fast] (how to use )

● Mothership [ gives you free loot] ( how to get in

Fortnite updates things

And now I happily present some (hopefully helpful) tips 

1.try to get some headphones 

2.Be Very paranoid 

3.The circle is the only thing that Should matter to you (besides upgrading your weapons)  

4.Drink shield potions most of the time (try to never have 0 protection )

5.Do not loot your enemies right after you have eliminated them  

6.Your cover is destructible, always have a a second plan

7always have more than 1 gun ready so when in battle if you run out of ammo or need to reload you can just switch to a different gun

8.Try to also always have materials so you can always cover yourself

9.have something to heal yourself your inventory at all times

10.always try to get the crate drops

11.if your playing in season 7 try to get a space ship

12.if your playing I season 7 try to get in the mothership

13. Try not to make Any sound (cars shooting harvesting Ect.)

Now I would just like to thank you for reading these tips and tricks I hope they turn out to be very useful.

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