Disney+ is offering One-Month Free Subscription

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Disney+ has recently surprised the world through its collaboration with Microsoft as we can avail a free one-month subscription through Xbox Games Pass.

One-Month Free Subscription

Just a day ahead from the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, the Xbox Game Pass made a tweet showcasing the most trending duo of Disney+. The account shared an image of Mandalorian and the Yoda with a caption.

“All we’re gonna say is that we’re not posting The Mandalorian and The Child for no reason.”

Just after it, on November 9 the twitter account made another tweet revealing the surprise.

The individual can avail one-month free subscription of Disney+ by using its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks. However, there is a twist. When it comes to the free Disney+ this scheme is only valid for new users. So, the old ones who already have Disney+ subscription can not go for it. But you can definitely recommend Disney+ to your fellows as recommending a good offer will not cost you any money.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is offering one-month free subscription of Disney+ till January 31st. The ultimate members will have all of the great entertainment available with Disney+, including Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel, National Geographic, and content from Disney.

Two-Month Free Subscription

The news doesn’t end here GamezBook has another surprise. Recently, the “Epic Games” has announced its offer. According to which the individual who is purchasing some in-game products and along with it he is new to the Disney+ will get a mega two-month free subscription of Disney+. The promotion has just started today and it will last till, December 31st.

While considering the time that The Walt Disney Company has chosen for offering free subscriptions, no doubt it is the best time of the year. At present moment, the second season of Mandalorian is heaping new piles of success. Soon within a month, it is going to mark its final episode that is on, 18th December. Other than Mandalorian, today Microsoft has launched its next generation consoles, Xbox Series X/S so while considering this trial a treat from the authorized company is not a bad thought.

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