Best Headphones for Streaming in 2021 [TOP 5]

Is there any live streamer well this post is for you guys I know that is a little bit hard to choose the best Headphones that are for live streaming that’s why i am here let’s together see which ones are the best ones check out the links that are added to the description down below for more information about these products the first product that leads the list is the hyperx cloud 2 wireless which is best overall now hyperx cloud 2 are the best known Headphones that almost everybody in the world has heard about them they are very good Headphones that are a great purchase if you are a live streamer or a gamer as already said these are best overall.

Let me tell you guys why as per their design these Headphones are very good looking and very cool as an appearance that comes on a very cool combination of red and black color the dimensions of these Headphones measure 7.48 to 5.35 to 3.66 inches and they pound 300 grams they are made of aluminum and besides that they have a flexible leather piece which helps them be more comfortable.


The ear cups are made of memory foam and they are very soft basically these Headphones are very comfortable if you choose to use them for a long time during the day the connectivity on these Headphones is amazing they include a wireless connection with bluetooth that makes them compatible with many devices such as your pc and for gaming consoles such as your pc nintendo or ps4 as wired they are compatible with many devices that besides the pc they can also be connected with xbox series ps4 and also ps5 they include a detachable microphone that has noise cancelling technology so when you use a mic for live streaming you don’t have to worry about the clarity of your voice because it is amazingly clear the mic includes monitoring which means that you can speak and hear your voice through the earpiece and also there is an led light included so that it tells you when the microphone is muted, as wireless they can hold up to 30 hours of battery life while you are live streaming.

In the second place stands also a product from iparx which is the hyperx cloud alpha s which is the most comfortable, these Headphones are one of hyperx’s well-known products and a great choice for live streamers all around the globe besides that you already know that they are amazing for gaming let’s see what are the features that these Headphones include the design of these Headphones is very pretty they are made of aluminum as a whole piece while the headband has a fabric of leather and it is very comfortable since it fits very well on your head for longer sessions of live streaming and also for gaming

On the other hand we have ear cups that are made of memory foam that are breathable so you don’t feel any heat or sweat while you have them on your ears the measurements that they include are 5.31 to 3.63 to 7.84 interest and their weight is 309 grams these Headphones are wired Headphones and are compatible with lots of devices

When it comes to gaming such as pc xbox and many other gaming platforms while as per live streaming they are very great with that work with a detachable noise cancelling microphone so that when you are streaming your voice will be picked up very clearly and you will sound amazing and extremely clear besides that these Headphones have also adjustable base with the inclement of dual chamber drivers that separate the base for mids and highs so that they deliver you smooth and cleaner sound, they have a surround sound of 7.1 which is great for larger and bigger spaces since they are wired it means that they don’t have a battery life that can hold for hours but these Headphones are very durable and you can use them for years or for a long period of time.

The third product that i would like to tell you guys about is the razer black shark v2 pro which has the best connectivity razer is one of the most famous companies when it comes to gaming devices you would say yes we already know maybe a thing that you didn’t know is that the razer black shark v2 pro is also very famous for live streaming that lots of people use let me just tell you more about them the design on these Headphones as a pattern they are on the inside made of plastic wild on the outside part of the headband has mostly leather which is soft and stands very good on your head the ear cups are made of breathable memory foam fabric so that you don’t feel any heat and and your ears won’t sweat at all even if you choose to wear them all day long the measurements of these Headphones are 6.5 to 3.94 to 7.88 inches and they pound 716 grams

Which means that they have a heavier weight when it is compared to the other Headphones that are already mentioned but still the comfortability remains the same as for their connectivity these Headphones have two connections which are wireless and wired modes as wireless they allow you to enjoy great lossless audio which means that while streaming the process doesn’t affect at all the quality of the sound while as wired you can easily choose the game as per their sound they have 7.1 spatial surround sound which means that they deliver a 360 degree sound format a detachable microphone is included and it has great sound isolation while the noise cancelling technology on these Headphones is an advanced passive

One as per the wireless mode the battery life holds up to 24 hours on a single charge which means that you can use them for live streaming the whole day fourth place on this video belongs to the logitech g432 which is best for the budget logitech Headphones are great launchings from this company that quickly become very famous since they are usable for more thing than they have a very reasonable price tag as already mentioned these Headphones are the best budget ones on this video depending on their features and still are very affordable they are made of metal on the inside parts and they are wrapped in leather fabric that makes the headband very comfortable while the ear cups are also made of leather but include a softer and fluffier fabric also for comfortability and they don’t bother your ears the measurements of these Headphones are 7.2 to 3.2 to 6.8 inches and they have a weight of 566 grams

They come in black color that is combined with some pieces of blue the connectivity on these Headphones is wired and it gives great compatibility with many devices such as some mobile devices pc and also different game consoles via usb dac input the microphone that they include isolates mostly of the sound, but it doesn’t own any noise cancelling technology and in my opinion it is a missing feature but still you will sound good while live streaming with them the microphone has a great feature with which you only flip your mic and you will be muted the surround sound on these Headphones is also 7.1

These Headphones include a great feature and it is great that they are eco-friendly which is a very important feature on devices, since they are wired i will not mention any battery life but i would like to say that these Headphones are very durable and you can use them for streaming and also for gaming for a long period of time

And now last but not least we have the great Headphones from steelseries the steelseries rt7 which is best for the wireless Headphones steelseries is a great company that is known for Headphones or headsets the rt7 are the company very well known product that comes at a great mid-range price let me dive into deeper details about them coming in a very pretty combination of white and black colors these Headphones measure 7.76 to 6.89 to 3.58 inches and they pound 354 grams

Which is directly related to the comfortability that you will feel while having these Headphones on your head for your for your long live streaming sessions let me just say that they are the most good looking Headphones compared with the other Headphones that i mentioned in this video the headband is made of soft fabric while the ear cups are very fluffy that feel like cushions these Headphones are wireless but yet they do not include bluetooth they use a lossless 2.4 gigahertz technology that is directly made for gaming and live streaming they include a great microphone that picks up your voice pretty clearly with a great noise cancelling technology that totally clears the noises or voices that may come based on the place that you are in they include dts that is an audio solution that gives you great experiences while listening and while talking too besides that the dts is considered to be the best spatial sound technology with which gives amazing 7.1 surround sound the battery life on this wireless Headphones holds up to 24 hours that is a pretty good amount of time for streaming because you can stream for like a whole day well we came at the end of the video and i would like to know from you guys if you decided to purchase any of this product that I already mentioned thank you for listening to me see you soon and peace out

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