Backbone One, iPhone’s Controller

backbone one

This controller is changing the way to play video games, just plug and play on your iPhone!

Backbone One


54.9 (2616 ratings)

Snap in your phone and start playing. No charging, no waiting for updates, no tedious setup. Uncover a new world of premium gaming in seconds. It just works!

New subscribers to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will receive their first 3 months free with purchase directly from Backbone. Attach the Backbone One after purchase to begin the offer redemption flow.

  • Collapsible and compact design
  • Lowest latency connection
  • Play games that support controllers
  • Capture clips and screenshots
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Pass-through charging

Customer Reviews★★★★★

54.9 (2616 reviews)★★★★★

Made me fall in love with gaming on my iPhone again

Game changer, the way the controller & app seamlessly integrate with the iPhone you legit feel like you have a portable gaming powerhouse in front of you that is far more functional than any thing else on the market. The app on its own is stellar in its interface and also how it curates the best content in the App Store and it’s worth it for that alone

Ngreatshark August 6, 2021 ★★★★★

This is NEXT GEN Mobile gaming right here.

This is a game changing experience. I can turn my phone into a Xbox. The back triggers feel really smooth on the product. For the app it’s really cool. I recommend getting this for your IOS devices. It’s WAY better than touching your screen.

kazdenjAugust 5, 2021 ★★★★★

Great Form FactorMinecraft and Genshin Impact work great with the iPhone 11 I use.

App has very nice design and fluidity too, making it intuitive and easy to navigate. Plus it is cool to press the Backbone button to open the app from anytime you just want to enter the app.

lokigold3July 23, 2021 ★★★★★


It is so refreshing to see someone do something so right, and yet those accustomed to beefier controllers might want some more trigger pull, or some more thickness to their thumbsticks. However, as a mobile controller it is wonderful, even built on par with the Nintendo Switch in my opinion, and on a high-res screen with excellent games, it has a 5-star nay 10-star rating. Impeccable amazing and superb.


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