Albion Online Game Review – Best F2P MMORPG 2020

Albion online is a sandbox mmorpg set in an open medieval fantasy world.

There are going to, be many topics for the duration of the video so to help all of you out. I will make timestamps for each topic, so you can go straight into whatever you’re. Interested in the first topic of this video is pretty interesting, that is what is Albion online.

The game features a player driven economy, where nearly every item is player crafted, you combine armor pieces and weapons suited to your play style in a unique last less, you are what you wear system and a really important thing is that the whole world is played on the same server.

So you can play with your friends without worrying where they are from and also this game is cross-platform between android devices. As of matching this video and pc link of the game. Is in the description below the game does not have any quests.

After the first tutorial island which after, you complete will send you to the huge world of Albion online.

The biggest problem that beginners face is what to do next. Well, it is pretty simple: you set a goal for yourself: the goal differs from person to person some just like to become, the richest player, some the best crafter best pvp player and many many many other goals so the game lets you choose how you want to play however.

If you are not that into pvp, then i just want to say that this game is probably not the game for you.

Since, yes, you can do all these things, but there will come a point where you will have a crazy amount of sewer and you won’t be able to do anything with it and when that happens the only way to lose silver is to do full loot pvp in the black or red zones which, when you die in those zones, you lose all of the items that you are wearing, except silver and gold.

The second topic, of this review, is the destiny board. This is one of the, most important things in the game, since the game is not like most mmorpg games, where you level your character, but instead in this game you level up your gear pieces. What this means is that, if you are using, for example, both casters as your weapon you will not be getting any fame or experience on any other weapons that exist in the game famous as, i said experience of the game and you get it by doing pve, crafting refining, gathering farming and etc.

Now do not worry, since once you max out the earpiece and continue using it, you will start getting fame credits, which you can use to level up any other gear pieces that you won’t be using or you’re planning to use. Eventually, a third topic of this review is the player driven economy this is one of those games where the developers

are only updating game, while the players control it. Now to give you an example of the player dreaming economy, there are six main cities and each of them have their own marketplace.

Any item has different prices in all those cities which means. Even one player can move the whole economy by crafting an item 100 times and selling it on the market for a lower price than any other player.

That has placed that item. What this means is that, that item will have its estimated market value lowered and people will more likely buy your items, which means the other players will lower the price of their items, making a drop in the price of that item. The only thing that the devs can do. Is nerf, the item which most of the time makes the item even cheaper.

The fourth topic of this video is, the unique lastly system called you are what you wear system. What this means is that you can equip different gear pieces and each one of them will, let you do different things.

There is a crazy amount of gear pieces in this game to the point where many players don’t even know what some of the items do, but in the end you can create your own, builds that suit your pastels, and not just copy the builds of different players. All this makes the game feel unique for every single player, and that is why i love it.

The fifth topic is the combat system, the combat system in Albion online, is pretty simple. You have six different active abilities three from the weapon you’re wearing and one from each gear piece that you’re wearing. Then you have a passive which you get from equipping a cape and two more active items on you which is the food that gives you different stats depending on the food, and the other item is the potions which have different effects depending on what potion you’re using.

However, even though you would think Having six abilities is easy to learn it, actually is not what most beginner players have a problem with is the sheer amount of items that exist in the game and each one of those items have different abilities. So, even if you learn how to play a young swan build, it is still hard to learn how to play against a different build.

The sixth topic is pve. The pve in this game is not that great, however, it is a must, since, if you want to start doing pvp, you first need to get silver and you get silver by gathering or doing pve content now. There are many different pve things you can do some of them are random dungeons that spawn in the world. Then you have corrupted dungeons which are amix of pve and pvp. Then you have the dungeons that spawn in the Avalonian roads, the chests that spawn there and hardcore expeditions and, of course, many many other pve things you can do. Some of the things i mentioned, are safe to do and get you a nice amount of silver.

However, if you do want to get even more silver, then you will have to risk quite a bit meaning you will do pve content in the black zones, where any player can start attaching you and if you die, you will lose out of your gear, this basically means the more you risk. The better you get rewarded.

The seventh topic is the pvp, now there are many many different pvp types in Albion online, including 1v12v2 roaming, ranking, dungeon, diving, 5v5, small group, pvp, zvz’s action, fights, gvgs and more I will be doing a guide for all of those topics soon. So make sure you subscribe to know when I will post them, but to give you a brief, example1v1 pvp is mostly done in corrupted. Dungeons where did you up for a fight, but while queuing up you defeat monsters that give you fame and infamy, the more infamy you have, the better the rewards get at the end of the run after the game finds you a match. You will either get invaded or invade, someone’s dungeon, where, if you kill the player, you just continue with your own dungeon and get their items.

However, if you get killed then, you will lose all of your items excluding the silver and the gold. The 2v2 fights are called hell gates, where you can find portals around the world and enter them once you enter the portal, you will face off a party of two other players and whoever wins gets the enemy’s, loot and items that were on them. The same happens with 5v5 hail gates. But 5V5 tailgates are not the only content there are things called gvg fights and crystal league fights which are done in a king of the hill type of a game mode. Action fights are basically different cities fighting each other for faction points which you can exchange for items.

This is all I’m going to explain for a pvp in this video or as I said earlier stay tuned for more pvp videos on aAlbion online. The next topic is the gathering and refining. There are different gathering, professions including stone, cutting lumber, gearing skinning fiber gathering mining and fishing, fishing is a bit different from the rest. Since you can’t refine fish, however, you can do that with every other gathering profession. This means that once you gather enough wood. You can make it in plaques or when you gather enough stone, you can refine it to stone blocks, you get the idea, you gather and then, you transport, what you gathered and refine it and after you find it, you can set that product for nice profit, the higher your gathering level the better.

Since you can gather bigger things, that give you more silver crafting is interesting, too since, you can craft anything in a game. I won’t go too, in depth in this video. However, I will give you a quick review of the crafting system basically. What you do is you buy or gather the required materials for a crafting recipe, then you go to a crafter, give them your materials and you will craft an item. Each city has a different bonus for crafting different items. So please check that before, you focus too much on it, but yeah that was, basically the quick overview.

However, as I said earlier, I’m planning to do a video on all of these different topics and, depending on when you watch this video, I might have done it already so check my channel out and subscribe this next topic is what interests most people – and that is the monetization. Many of you are asking yourself is this game actually free to play, or is it paid to win, and my answer is yes, this game is probably the most free to play mmorpg game.

So if you are planning to play the game, don’t forget to register and download the game If you don’t want to download the game, is available on steam as well. The last thing about this topic is that, yes, you can buy gold with money which can be transferred to silver and vice versa, but it is so easy to get silver to the point where buying gold is a waste. Unless you want to support the developers or you don’t have the time and patience to grind out silver, which, as I said, is actually pretty easy.

The next stop is the community in-game now just like in any other games. There are many toxic people, but of course there are also helpful and chill people, but i would like to say that it is your choice on what people you choose to play with. There are many different deals and alliances in the game to the point where there is a yield for, any type of a player. There are crafting yields money-making yields. Small group yields big scale deals, toxic guilds that want to ruin your day show dudes, where people don’t care what happens but? What i’m trying to say is that you can choose what type of guild. You want to join and play with however to do that. You might need to play the game solo for a bit until you get enough. Experience to join that certain guild, my recommendation is to start reviewing the deals. You’re interested in, mainly by joining their discord, since many of the guilds, have a discord server. Where you can ask anything about the guild.

The next topic is the bad side of the game. Aka, the problems personally – I don’t want this video to sound like Albion online is perfect. So that is why I made this topic I’ll be online. Just like any other game has its problems, especially the lag problem since. There is only one server and every single player plays on that same server, which means you sometimes experience lag, especially if you live in the, eu or the sca region. The other problems that you can face are bugs and occasional hackers or even players that play on two different devices at the same time. However, there’s a cool little trick to this that you can just record when you see some bad stuff going on and then make a forum post and report that player this means that that player will most likely get banned if they actually did something wrong.

Another problem is that the game is not getting big updates. Frequently, however, it does have daily server maintenance, which is one of the, most awesome, things that you can have and of course. The last topic is the conclusion. As I said at the start, Albion online is a sandbox mmorpg hat has a unique classic system and player driven economy. The game allows everyone to play, together without limiting you to play with only eu us sea or, any other players in the world, since this game has only one server and everyone plays on that same server.

The main point of the game Albion online is any kind of pvp, whether it would be really small group, pvp solo, pvp, small group, pvp or even large scale. Pvp you, basically choose what is fun for you or what you can do a pve is okay, but not the best however it does allow you to have multiple play styles. The game allows you to make silver by doing anything really, which is why I love it.

The most there is a really good guild system and give a high load system where you control territories, with your guild and defend it when it’s attacked or attack, anyone that tries to get in your territory overall the game offers a lot, and even though it does have some problems, it is safe to say, that it is one of the top 5 best free-to-play mmorpg games for both pc and android in 2020 and that is pretty much it about the Video make sure you subscribe for more game reviews and Albion online content and, as always, bye, bye until next time.

Albion online

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