64 Tips To IMPROVE Twitch Stream FOR FREE!

tips to improve twitch stream

64 Tips To IMPROVE Twitch Stream FOR FREE!

Whether you’re, just starting out as a streamer or, if you’ve been doing it for a long time, it doesn’t matter, sometimes it’s good to take a, step back and just look at all the advice that’s out there. So i started doing an FAQs document of all the things I get asked. The most and now it’s turned into this video 65 tips to improve twitch streams hopefully about streaming and content creation that you can use to grow, let’s get into it.

Hey there, i’m Eljay from I’m also a variety streamer over at to both those in the description, seriously check them out and, as I said today, we’re going to be smashing through around 62 tips to improve twitch streams on streaming and content creation. Now I’ve split these up, into categories and added time codes in the description so there’s a particular category: you’re interested in. You can skip straight to that and take a look at it, but i have a small challenge for us as a community. I want you to go down to the comment section and i want you to comment a tips to improve twitch stream of your own for content creation and for streaming while you’re down there. You might see something that you haven’t heard before or something that you don’t know. That could help you out or your comment. Could help others out as well so chuck a tips to improve twitch stream down in the comments and then, let’s get into it.

Our first section is general tips to improve twitch streams for streaming.

First up it’s important to enjoy yourself. Your chat, will reflect you, if you are sad, angry or upset then they will not be into it. So make sure you enjoy yourself in everything you’re doing.

Second tip to improve twitch stream. Is game selection? Now a lot of you guys, are streaming in categories where you just won’t get discovered, whether it’s because it’s oversaturated or, because it’s completely dead, you need to find, that middle ground on game selection, I have, a video that covers it entirely.

Third tips to improve twitch stream is to schedule schedule schedule: you need to schedule out your stream and stick to it. Consistently if you throw in random days or you miss days it is going to hurt your growth in the long term.

Fourth With that being said, though, do not stream every single day. There are better things to do with your time you can stream for three days. And then spend the rest of it working on your content or building up your social platforms.

Fifth tips to improve twitch stream do not do giveaways, especially while you’re growing people will only come to your stream for the sake of, the giveaway. They will not come back for you seriously. It may be a good way to get followers and stuff like that, but it will not build a community building a community around giveaways will hurt you in the long run.

Sixth plan out your stream roughly decide how long you’re going to spend doing each thing come out with content. Ideas and bits that you can do throughout your stream to keep yourself from having to improv everything and entertain your chat better.

Seventh tips to improve twitch stream do not stream for money, because money honestly is just something that will not come through your stream until. You are much bigger when you’re just starting out. It is inconsistent. If not just non-existent, so don’t stream for money stream for a, passion that is deeper than money.

Eighth tips to improve twitch stream is to watch your videos back seriously sit down and try and watch your videos. Is this something you would actually watch? If not, why is it putting you off? and how can you solve this problem or fix this problem?

Ninth tips to improve twitch stream when you’re just starting out, you don’t have mods so get a cloud bot or a different moderation, bot to make sure that nothing bad happens in your chat.

tips to improve twitch stream number 10 use smart goals goals that you can achieve and every time you achieve one of these goals. It gets you closer to a big overall goal. If you aren’t an affiliate yet, you shouldn’t even be thinking about making it to partner. Instead, you’d be thinking about how to get to 15 viewers, 20 viewers, 30 viewers, setup small smart, achievable goals that allow you to grow over time. My next tips to improve twitch stream is to create engaging and clickable titles for your streams. Something you probably don’t know unless you’ve watched my video about how to create titles for your stream is that only 36 characters will actually appear under your thumbnail after that It all gets cut off and they won’t see anything else so use those 36 characters to make someone click your stream.

tips to improve twitch stream number 12 is in the same vein, as your titles make sure, you’re using your tags, tag selectors are fantastic for letting people find you easily. You can use things like playing with viewers and honestly people do use these they use them to filter them down and find creators they can enjoy.

Number 13 is create good clickable, go lives. None of this just hey I’m live, seriously write something engaging. Will we defeat this boss tonight have that pop up on someone’s phone and they will click it and drop by seriously good go lives.

tips to improve twitch stream number 14, get better, twitch tv seriously. It gives you 15 shared emotes, you can use and 15 of your own emotes. So if you’re not an affiliate or if you are an affiliate it’ll give you a whole slew of things, you can use for your emotes until you get partner.

Number 15 get yourself a nice overlay, preferably animated but if, your computer can’t run it just something: that looks good and brings your branding all together seriously. It takes you a long way to looking more professional.

Number 16, get good music for your stream, preferably dmca, free stuff, but essentially get music that adds to it. Don’T just get betting now what I call betting is something we use back in the film days. It was just music that stayed underneath something it didn’t add any emotion get good music that makes people hyped get music that makes people feel a challenge. Coming on seriously get good music for your stream there’s a lot of royalty free, stuff out there, a video coming soon on it.

Number 17 you, need to learn to understand dmca’s, dmca’s aren’t something that twitch has caused dmca’s are caused by people using copyrighted music and record labels coming after them youtube has dealt with the exact same thing, and these days youtube Is just as harsh if you upload videos and, get three copyright strikes on youtube they delete your account understanding, dmca is important, stop blaming twitch. It is a global problem.

Number 18 find your unique voice, stop emulating giant streamers! I don’t understand, why I see so many people cosplaying as dr disrespect on twitch. You aren’t dr disrespect, you are you be yourself seriously. You will have a much better and easier time to grow if you’re, just being yourself.

Number 19, stop watching giant streamers at all. Now I don’t actually mean at all. I just mean why would you watch someone who’s not going to interact with chat or you can’t learn from you may as well watch some of those 25 50 100 average viewers and you can actually learn from them. You can learn how to interact. You can see where they’re at and prepare yourself to grow to that stage the next section is all about community building so, let’s get into these tips to improve twitch streams.

The next tips to improve twitch stream is a question, I get asked constantly. How do you keep your viewers coming back lj, honestly, it’s just by engaging with them. I talk to them, I get to know them, I build a community and that way I give them time to get invested into me and the community then they will come back even if i switch games.

tips to improve twitch stream 21 and also because they all join our discord and the discord is a place where they can hang out together and no matter what they get a go live notification, because every stream, I tell them in the discord that i’m live, get discord.

tips to improve twitch stream 22 is also to do community nights, nights where you as a community, hang out play games together. Whether it’s on stream or just in the discord place, them among us play some jackpots seriously. It’s a great way to connect people and break out of people, who only return for just one game and instead return for the community.

tips to improve twitch stream number 23. Don’t just ban the bad vibes, because one bad person can ruin your chat and make people not want to come back. But also gift subs to the good vibes to the people who are there who can’t afford a sub for themselves but, bring good feelings to the chat, who are nice people gift them a sub so that it makes them stick around seriously. It’s a great tactic. If you can afford, it obviously get rid of the donation, button donations do nothing to build your community gifting subs, however, does and getting bits does as well, If someone gifts a sub to someone else, that person is more likely to come back especially with the state of ads are in twitch right now not just that, but if three people each drop 100 bits it creates a hype train and hype trains will put you on the front page of twitch while It is running which is huge advertising for you. While that hype train is up, you will be there and you will have so many extra eyes on you. It’s super important.

Number 25 don’t get bogged down on the analytics just focused on improving your content, with good content, those analytics will grow. Obviously you can use go live analytics and things like that to see what we’re bad go, lives and how to be better, but don’t aggressively focus on them and get analysis paralysis.

Number 26, if you’re follow for following that’s not building a community, that’s just giving you fake numbers follow. Follow! Does nothing for your community, because these people aren’t going to come watch you and let’s be real, you aren’t going to, go watch them, don’t follow for follow!

Number 27 keep yourself talking! No matter! What because if someone drops into your chat, you can instantly convert them into a community member as long as you’re active and engaging to them.

Number 28 is to set up twitch, emotes, twitch, badges and channel points, and all those things if you’re an affiliate setting these things up and basing them around your community and trying to make them unique, to your community will go a long way to make people feel like they’re a part of something special.

Number 29. Speaking of special set up special subscriber roles on your discord, I have a video on that it’s linked in the cards. It goes a long way to make people have a little special place to hang out.

Number 30. When it comes to community building. It means you have to be consistent. In the type of content you create in the same way you have to be consistent in your schedule, you have to be playing the same types of games talking and making the same types of jokes if one day, you’re playing call of duty war zone and then the next you’re playing star dew valley obviously, the viewers from one won’t convert to the other easily and vice versa, try and stick to your content and your niche

Number 31 be active in your discord. If you have a community be active, while you’re offline talk to them, joke about them talk about books whatever it is, they like seriously be active when you’re off line it’ll make them feel like they want to come back.

Number 32 create a community name that the community can get behind. We’Re called the royals on, my stream, because we have crowns for our sub badges and royel. You know so it’s royals don’t worry, they love it, but get something for yourself essentially people like to rally behind. They like to have a label attached to them.


Number 33 our final. One of community building treat people like people, not a view count, not a chatter they’re a person treat them like a person, seriously treat them like a person. Please please, our third section is all about tech.

tips to improve twitch stream 34 is to learn about audio. I have a video covering everything you need to know, so you should check that out but essentially, your mic should be aiming to hit, yellow anything lower and it’s going to be too quiet. Anything higher it’s going to be risk peaking, then your game, audio, and the things below that should be just a little bit lower at the start of the yellow or in the green seriously. It’s really important to learn all this stuff, but i have a video covering all of it

tips to improve twitch stream 35 – is to learn about audio filters. These are also covered in that video, but essentially get a limiter, get noise suppression and get a noise gate these three things are super important to add and they’re in obs and slobs.

Number 36 is xlr versus usb microphones. When you’re starting out you don’t need to get a fancy microphone. You can just get a usb one and it’ll, be just as good in the future sure xlr is great, but for now you don’t need one, you can just go with usb. I swear it’s fine.

Number 37, though is, if you do get a microphone make sure you talk into the right side of it there are a couple pretty embarrassing streams there for me at the start I’ll admit it .

Number 38 is green screen. Screen screens! Aren’t the ability to remove what’s behind you they’re the ability to put something behind you, don’t just be lazy and hide everything behind you. You can make really interesting scenes where you’re at a desk or maybe you’re in a milk aisle or something like that seriously check it out green screen can take your content to a whole new level, just with a little bit of effort.

Number39 when you’re running, obs or slobs, you should run them as an administrator. It actually just gives it a little bit more headroom a little bit more of a boost in performance. It’s something that everyone should be doing no matter what run it, as administrator they’ll, go a long way.

Number40 you can use a webcam as long as you have good lighting. I use a c922 pro, but the lighting is what makes it look like a dslr.

Number. 41 is actually I will add to that you do need to manually set your webcam up in your settings and if you want you can apply a custom lut as well. By going to filters lut and adding a lot, you don’t have any luts I’ll do a whole video on that coming soon.

Number42 get a good webcam frame seriously. It’s not just what! You look like it’s what your background looks like, if there’s dirty washing, if there’s a shelf full of crap, make it look good, make it look clean make, it look presentable. It’s really important.

Number 43, and this is the final one of tech it’s the most important one, but you need to research. What your settings and your tech does yourself, you can’t go off. What someone says to you, you guys constantly ask me to tell you what are the best settings for obs and slobs? I don’t know your computer, I don’t know your hardware, I don’t know the headroom. That your cpu has you need to research and look into these things and understand what they are yourself because. Anyone who tells you that these are the best settings to use I’m sorry, but they don’t know what the best settings you can use are because your computer might not be able to handle it at all. So we have a few more sections still coming up, such as how to engage viewers properly and my favorite youtube content, but before we get into that i’ll throw it out there. If this video has helped you out at all, consider checking out my other content where, i go much more in detail and in depth. On all these topics. I’Ve talked about seriously and then, If those help you out consider subscribing it really means a lot to us, and we’ve got plenty of great videos coming up soon, as well as more free overlays. That’s right. We have more free overlays and more free stinger transitions coming out in the discord soon check out the description join this when they come out you’re the first to know oh and don’t forget, still comment your tips to improve twitch stream on this video. We get like 300 to 400 sometimes 500 comments on these videos and I reply to every single one. So if every single person who watches this does actually write a comment or a tips to improve twitch stream below I will have a lot of work to do, but everyone will have a great resource of advice and tips to improve twitch streams they can walk away with so on to our next section engagement. So, first up in the engagement, section.

Number 44, I really recommend you get a bot like cloudbot that comes with something like loyalty points especially, if you’re not an affiliate. Yet these loyalty points can be used to gamble heist or even trade in for rewards seriously. It is a great alternative to channel points. And it is a great way to keep people engaged, in your chat. If someone is in your checks, they want to heist or slots or gamble or earn points, it means that when you want to ask a question – or you want chat, engagement they’re already there and it’s easy for them to do it it just keeps them more engaged.

Number 45. A lot of people say that channel points, don’t matter these people are either too big for channel points to help or they’re, not using them properly. There are really great ways to engage your audience and, give them a say about the stream that isn’t intrusive uh. If you use channel points stuff, like putting on an accent or redeeming that you have to tell them a funny story about a certain topic it actually gives you content ideas seriously. Use your channel points properly.

Number 46. If you want to keep engagements be excited for new followers every time I get a new follower. I am very excited because in reality. I’m trying to hit 5 000 but when I am excited and thankful, I always see four or five more followers. Come in the amount of times, i’ve started the follower train just by being like hey boogyman 69. Thank you so much for that follow. That means a lot you’re our 486th follower, and i really it really means a lot to me man and then four or five more come in seriously be thankful for your followers and you’ll get way more of them

Number 47 chat to every single person who comes into your stream ask them where they’re from, what time it is for them, what their favorite food is. Do they, like the game that you’re playing right now have they played it before? seriously engage every person on an individual level, it’s super important.

Number 48, create a question of the day command, meaning that there’s a question there that someone can trigger, or just have it say it in your chat or in your title. So when someone joins they have something that they can instantly get involved in make it relatable and something that anyone can you know understand, especially if you make the question today something really relatable, like What’s better pancakes or waffles? everyone has an opinion easy to get involved, it’s a great way to get chat engaged and talking on different topics.

Number 49 make yourself some custom stream labels and custom alerts. They’re really really easy to make these days, there’s tutorials everywhere on them, and people really like it. I use jump scares when I play horror, games and ii swear people, love, dropping bits just to trigger a scream or something like that to freak me out.

Number 50. If you want to keep chat, engaged then you need to create a narrative around your stream and around your story, maybe you’re exploring anew map on a game, or maybe you’re, just generally telling the story of playing a game for the first time really line up that narrative really line up, that story set stakes: will we beat this next dark souls boss? I don’t know what do you guys? Think get people engaged in the narrative and the adventure you’re going on.

Number 51 use call to actions. Maybe you need a bot that every 30 minutes says in chat hey if you’re enjoying the stream maybe consider following it’s free and it really helps us out. That’s what i do and it seems to work really well.

Number 52 find a way to incorporate your viewers into your game, for example, if you can name Pokemon after a viewer, that’s absolutely a great idea, maybe you can name another hero, or let them decide on which character you’re going to play or which build you’re going to go get them involved. It’ll keep them engaged.

Number 53 for engagement is to play party games like garcic words on stream, jack box and all these things things where they’re involved and they’re active in chat seriously. These are great ways to keep people talking. Our next section is all about youtube, which is my favorite topic. I love youtube content so kicking it straight off.

number 54 stop doing montages, compilations clips and cut downs of your vods unless you have a following. Already people aren’t going to want to see these. They aren’t searching for your let’s play and even if they do search for a let’s play you’re, not what’s going to come up, you need to create searchable content because youtube is a search engine which means you’re trying to solve problems or answer questions.

Number 55, research your content, using tools like vidiqit, goes a long way to understand what people are searching for

Number 56, when you’re just starting out script, your content, or at least plan your content to some degree, it’ll, stop you from getting lost or having dead air. This video is seriously just a bunch of dot points, and I hate this. I can’t stand it i’m really struggling by scripting and planning, your content it’ll, give you more time to come up with funny ideas or just ideas that will engage your community engage your comments, better.

Number 57. Understand that what used to work doesn’t work anymore, the big guys have a monopoly on youtube and the small guys have to work a whole lot damn harder than the big guys. Did you can’t upload sub-par content anymore to youtube and get discovered? You have to put in the time and the effort to make it as good as it possibly can be you just can’t get discovered the way they did.

Number 58, use call to actions, but this time it’s in youtube for example, if i were to say to you guys, hey consider subscribing. If this video helped you out at all, that would be a call to action, but it wouldn’t be pushy, don’t get pushy with it. People don’t have to do anything that i want to do.

Number 59. If you are getting less than 100 comments, on each video – you should be replying to every single one seriously we get like 200 or 300 on our videos these days, and I still reply to every single one people are being kind enough to engage with you reply to them. Get involved with your community that’s, not good if they just comments that sat there without a reply even, the negative ones talk to them find out why they didn’t like the video unless they’re, just trolls, don’t just delete them.

Number 60, watch my entire how to start a youtube channel and grow from zero to a thousand video, i’m not biased. I just really like that. Video it’s good next section is all about networking I’m going to smash this nice and quick tips... to improve twitch stream

Number 61 is that networking is all about bringing value. You need to understand what value you have to bring to these people and what value they have for you. If you reach out to someone six times your size and asked to do a collaboration you, don’t bring much value to them. You get a lot of value out of that, so understanding your value and doing everything you can to improve the value that you bring to someone else. Will go a long way to collaborating

Number 62 is to join helpful networks and communities to collaborate do not join places that do fully follow. If you see go lives, these places are just bogged down with people who don’t have any value to you, join communities, where it’s entirely about helping each other and growing together. It’s the best way to move forward. If you’re looking to network

Number 63 stop self-promoting even subtly, if you join someone else’s chat, talk for two seconds and, then say anyway, i got ta head off now, i’m gonna start streaming, i’m actually streaming this game. Today, everyone knows: what’s happening seriously stop stealth. Promoting all you’re gonna do is get yourself banned from other chat, or frustrate other streamers and my final tips to improve twitch stream if you’ve stuck around. I believe that is 64 tips to improve twitch streams. That i’Ve done not 63 is stop, making excuses and just start making actual steps to achieve what you want to achieve. Because, honestly, with hard work anyone can do this, that’s been my 64 tips to improve twitch streams. Guys I hope it helped you out i’ll, see you next week.

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